marc220 asked:

Hey sly, what's going on with SSoHpkc? Maybe I missed the update, but he hasnt been in any creature stuff as of late..

slyfoxhound answered:

=================THE TRUTH ABOUT SEAMUS===============

He moved to Alaska, thats right Alaska i didnt want to say anything but I  think its time everyone knows!  He’s been helping his dad since he move from the north. Both of them are trying to build the family business again!  His dad has a lot of workers but he is scared that he might pass away pretty soon and wants seamus to inherit the business and keep and eye on all the workers!  We at the creatures been really supportive since we known about his dad we even call him “The Big Red”  and every time in December he always visits and hooks us up with presents, so we understand its a tough choice but we support it and hope others do to!  Seamus will be traveling lots come the winter time and his dads job its the most demanding job ever!   Some might say even impossible to do.  But if you believe it can happen it will happen!  Hopefully we can make an announcement soon to everyone! ;D